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Specialized in commodities, industry and trade, we have as partners the largest suppliers in the country and the world. Our customers are located on all continents, which we serve with quality products, competitive prices and agility.


Coffee, Sugar, Soy, Cocoa powder, Chicken, Beef & Pork


Metallurgical and Auto parts


Café, soja, carne de frango, gado e suíno.​


The relative importance of each modal can be measured in terms of system mileage, volume, revenue and the nature of the traffic composition. There are differences in performance between modes related to fixed and variable costs, speed, availability, reliability, capacity and frequency


Maritime transport is one that uses the open sea as a means of passage for the transport of goods and passengers. Advantages: It allows to move increasingly larger loads with lower associated costs in relation to air or land transportation for intercontinental trips; freight cost.

Air Transport

Air transport is the air movement of people and goods by airplanes, balloons, airships or helicopters. Air transport is preferably used to move urgent or high-value passengers, cargo and goods.

Road transport

Road transport is done by roads, highways, streets and other paved roads or not, with the intention of transporting materials, people or animals from one point to another. It represents the majority of land transport.

Multimodal Transport

Multimodal transport is one in which more than one type of vehicle will be needed to drive the goods to their final destination, which can be used from trucks, ships, airplanes or any other type of driving necessary for delivery.

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LHR specializes in seeking solutions in international trade with the purpose of bringing people and businesses together, generating results.

We operate in export and import, as advisory and consultancy in all sectors of commerce and industry.

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International trade management, improving processes with transparency, commitment and effectiveness.

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Innovation and continuous improvement ethic
Sustainable development

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Office Brazil
Rua Dal Canalle, 2186 - Sala 7018 - Exposição
Caxias do Sul - RS
CEP: 95080-150
Fone: +55 54 9973-5963

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